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*Takes place in Mobius Prime #0. And during when Tails was in space*

Tails POV


I remember when we were kids.

We used to go to Angel Island to hang out with Knuckles and play with him until the sun go down.

You and Sonic used to kiss, which I admit– it makes me jealous.

In 1971 I started kindergarten. 

I was scared and began to cry because I wanted my mom and dad, or mommy and daddy– like what I use to say. Then you sat next to me and placed your hand on mines, telling me it’s going to be okay. I felt better and began to play with you and the other kids.

We all had the same class at Ms. Woodchuck’s school. It was a very small school, one room, one teacher, but we felt like one big happy family.

I remember when we formed a group called the “Freedom Fighters” and boy! That gives me nostalgia. Seeing as how it was originally our club and then it evolved into a group that helps people. I bet you’re doing good helping people out as I speak.

Remember when Sonic use to tease me and you had to get at him? Boy that was funny how you would chastise him for hurting my feelings.

And, WOW! How could I ever forget the “Funny Kiss”?! That blew my world. You would give me that everyday all the way up to now!

I remember when we fought a monster named Chaos. He was scary, but us Freedom Fighters managed to beat him and return him to normal. I still felt that we could’ve saved Station Square from the flood. At least it’s memory still lives on in a gaming console called the “Station Square”.

Years later we moved to middle school. It was a while when we didn’t see each other. You was going on trips, while me and Knuckles was just hanging out, talking about girls and… puberty stuff. When we reunited with each other, I was stunned. My heart stopped, it was throbbing, and I… kinda felt a wiggle in my pants… 

You was so beautiful. You grew taller and began to develop “women parts” like what me and the boys used to say back then. I couldn’t tell you that I love you more than a sister because I was nervous and you and Sonic was still dating.

Then came Silver. He claimed that he was from the future and that I was the Iblis Trigger. That dude literally tried to kill me but Sonic managed to hit him with a spin dash, knocking him out! He came back to his senses, we spat negative words at him. He traveled back to his future, crying. Poor guy, I felt sorry for him, even though he tried to kill me.

A month later he came back to me. I was frightened and terrified. But he told me that he was not there to kill me. He told me about how putting me with you would stop the Iblis Trigger. We tried so many times, but Silver always screwed up. Then. Me and him became best friends, we was so alike.

Fast forward the seventh grade. I felt so lonely now that you was in high school with the others. I skipped school just to spend time with you. It was funny how you scolded at me about skipping school. I listened and I was sad that I couldn’t see you. But we always had the end of school and the weekends. 

Two years later, the present. I just started high school and I walked in and the first person I saw was you. You, walking with your group of friends, walking to class. I started to drool and my nose started to bleed. Again, I felt a wiggle in my pants except this time it was noticeable. I walked awkwardly, hiding my erection with my bookbag. I made a lot of people laugh and I was now the clown of the school.

Then, principal Robotnik showed his true colors. I remember it. It was before Christmas break on Friday. I came back home and flipped on the TV and I saw on the news about principal Robotnik holding you hostage, trying to kill you with his “Ultimate Annihilator”. I was furious, I ran to Knothole City High crying. I made it and I saw a huge crowd with their umbrellas, you know… because it was storming. 

I saw your parents crying, thinking that you would be killed. Me and Sonic weren’t on good terms, but we agreed to sneak in the school and save you. We suceeded and barged in there. Sonic grabbed you and ran, while I didn’t. I was infuriated that he kidnapped you, attempting to kill you, scaring the hell out of you!

I gave him a punch to the gut, that didn’t do much damage. He punched my jaw with his robotic arm. He almost broke my jaw. He then decided to use his device on me. But just in time, Sonic came in a gave him a spin dash to the back. 

They were fighting, I hacked the machine, hoping to disable it. But it was about to explode. Me and Sonic ran out the school and KABLAM!! It exploded with a pinkish looking aura. I wish I could’ve saved Robotnik, but it was all too fast, even for Sonic.

G.U.N. didn’t arrested us because Robotnik was a bad guy, or something like that, I don’t remember…

Then came Mogul, my former mentor. He exposed me to Chaos Force. A nice ability that Sonic could use back when we used to kick butt. It felt good, and I turned super for the first time. But… he used his Ixis Magicks to control me. I couldn’t do nothing until Sonic, Shadow, Silver, and Knuckles turned super… and Bean helped being silly. They broke the control and we began to kick Mogul’s behind back to the prehistoric times, NO JOKE!

Two months later, he returned, this time as a large deity. I was teleported into a strange place called the “No Zone”. The place I made up in my comic. I was with all these different versions of me. It felt familiar, only to find out that this was a issue I made in my comics. We all fused into this form called “Titan Tails. We kicked his butt and he was transported inside the Master Emerald in the Prime Zone a parallel universe that I made with my comics (Strange isn’t it?). His memory was altered, having him think that he was always in the Prime Zone. Now he’s terrorizing our comic incarnations…

Before I came back to our universe. Zonic told me about how that the No Zone, Prime Zone, and the other zones were made up from the comic books that I was doing and that they would continue if I continue the comics. I was weirded out, but amazed at the same time. I came back home with my mind boggled for a long time.

Then… came the Xorda. They came to our planet, using telepathic powers, speaking in our heads about how they created us Mobians with the bombs that they thought destroyed everything. The president tried to reason with them, but they dropped the Quantum Dial just miles away from Knothole City.

Rotor built a helmet device for us to use to talk with the Xorda. I was too scared to talk with them, but you had to do it and talk with them. You was so brave and you tried to reason with them to stop the Quantum Dial. They ignored you and proceeded to rant about how they were screwed over by the humans. 

We ran to the scene only to be blocked by the soldiers trying to keep us and the civilians safe. Shadow allowed us perm to fight. Since we had powers. 

We did everything we could to stop it, but nothing happened. You fell to your knees and started to cry. I comforted you and told you that everything is going to be okay. I looked at the Quantum Dial and knew what I had to do. I had to save you and everyone on Mobius. 

I told you that I loved you and kissed you for the first time ever. I feel so stupid for that. I bet you’re mad at me now. 

I twisted my twin tails and went so fast that the clouds went back, hard to believe that it was less than a millisecond. I hit the dial headfirst and it exploded. Sending me flying to a alien planet. I managed to find transport, and I’m heading back to Mobius as I write. 

I’m coming home Sally. 

The End
A drawing I submitted to Nuttyrabbit on Tumblr. He wanted me to draw my AU Tails and Sally wishing everyone a happy new year... and the year in their universe is 1991.

Goodbye 2016, hello 2017!! Let's make it a great year everybody!!!!
Goodbye 2016, hello 2017!! Let's make it a great year everybody!!!!


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