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A slap in the face. (Read the description first.) by Louis-the-Hedgehog A slap in the face. (Read the description first.) :iconlouis-the-hedgehog:Louis-the-Hedgehog 58 99 Sally Redesign Explained by BurntMeatloaf Sally Redesign Explained :iconburntmeatloaf:BurntMeatloaf 174 62 sonic and shadow WHO WE PROTECT CL by trunks24 sonic and shadow WHO WE PROTECT CL :icontrunks24:trunks24 1,485 204 Process 4: Sonic 222 Lettering by jongraywb Process 4: Sonic 222 Lettering :iconjongraywb:jongraywb 71 17
I keep my windows open at night
I keep my windows open at night, because I want to hear the night life
I want to hear the crickets and other creatures roaming around at night as I lay my head down  on my pillow and sleep
the 2nd shift people come home after a long day and the night shift people leave for work
the sounds of cars traveling by my street
and the light night owls to put me to sleep
While I wake up to the early birds going to get their worm.
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SONIC ~ Episode 1
Episode 1 ~ Emerald Hunt (Part 1)
"It began with a flicker in the sky, and then, an explosive birth. That is what we refer to as 'The Big Bang', an end to silence, and the beginning of movement, sound, life. The most familiar of life was born on a blue and green planet, Earth, where small organisms were born from water, then walked onto the sands that meet the ground we stand. The age of Dinosaurs began from that, and ended with a meteor, which devastated all means of water and food the dinosaurs knew of. The world shook and remade itself into the planet of today, Earth. Since the death of the dinosaurs, more life came and went, but they weren't devastated by meteors, they were done in by evolution.
First, the Neanderthals, the primitive humans who dominated the ice age, and then came the birth of certain sort of ages; Biblical, Egyptian, and Middle Ages galore roamed our world. As humanity progressed, they rebelled as well, and created different nations with different ideals than what
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-The Prower’s Residence-

Rosemary Prower answered the door. “*Gasp!* Oh hello Sally. What brings you here?” She asked smiling.

Sally looked at Rosemary sad. “May, I come in?”

“Why… sure.” She allowed Sally in. Sally sat down on the couch. “ Miles! I think you need to come down here! ” Called out Rosemary.

Tails dashed down the stairs and slowed down at the living room. “What is it mom– Sally! What’s wrong?!” Tails walked over to her.

“ I… I have some important news. I don’t think you would like it though… ” She was about to tear up.

“What’s the matter dear?” Rosemary placed her hand on the chipmunk’s shoulder.

“I-I’m… pregnant…”

“ WHAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?! ” Tails and Rosemary yelled in shock in unison.

“Oh my…” Rosemary stumbled back to the wall and was grabbing her chest.

“Whoa whoa whoa mom. It’s okay.” Tails hugged his mom to calm her down.

“ Me and Amadeus approved of you, but we didn’t approved of you to fuck my son! you’re eighteen and he’s sixteen you slut! ” Rosemary was trying to swing at Sally but Tails was holding her back.

Steaming tears were rolling down the chipmunk’s face. “I-I don’t know. I-it just happened. I don’t know how it happened but it just did.” Sally buried her face in her hands and was sobbing.

“I’m going to call your parents and tell you what you’ve done to my son.”

“ Mom! Don’t! ” Tails was holding her back with all his might but his mom proved that not even his Chaos-based powers were no match for his mother’s fury. His feet was being dragged across the brown carpet.

“N-no! Don’t! My parents already know and they said that it’s okay, as long as me and Miles will take care of the baby.”

“Mom don’t!” Tails blocked her from the telephone. “ It’s okay. I’m willing to sacrifice everything to take care of Sally and our child. I’ll even drop out of school, take a break from inventing things, I’ll even get a full time job. ” He grabbed his mother’s hands. “I’m willing to do this because I love Sally with all my heart, well… beyond that, words and feelings cannot describe how much I love her.”

Sally looked over to Tails who was talking to Rosemary. She was blown away by what she was hearing. ‘He really do love me.’ She gave a teary smile. ‘Thanks Miles.’

Rosemary sighed and hugged her son. “I’m so proud of you Miles. A lot of teenage parents wouldn’t do that, but you are willing to sacrifice everything just to take care of your girlfriend and child. I am very grateful to have a wonderful son.” A tear rolled down her muzzle.

Sally walked over to them and yelled out “APRIL FOOLS!!!!” Tails and Rosemary both looked in shock.

“SAY WHUT GIRL?!?!?!” They both shouted in unison. Tails fainted and Rosemary almost had a heart attack.

“Girl, I am in my late thirties. I don’t need this. You almost gave me a heart attack! C'mere you.” She hugged Sally and looked her in the eye. “Don’t you ever scare us like that ever again.” Her and Sally started to laugh.

Tails regained consciousness and looked at Sally. “Oh my Solaris. Sally, why did you pranked us like that. I was ready to be a parent! You’re sick! You hear me?! Sick!!!” Tails stormed up to his room and slammed his door.

“Miles! Wait!” Sally ran upstairs to Tails’ room and opened the door. There, Tails can be seen with his back turned towards the wall, pouting. “ Miles. I’m sorry, I just thought that it would be a good joke. I hope you’re not mad at me. ”

“Get out, you selfish, bossy little…” Tails turned around and had something in his right hand. “… CHIPMUNK!!!” He sprayed Sally with silly strings.

“ AAAH!!! ” Sally screamed. Tails kept spraying her with silly strings.

“APRIL FOOLS!!!! HA HA HA!!!” He kept spraying her with the silly strings and it was getting all on her pink shirt.

“Miles stop! It’s getting too excessive, it’s making my shirt wet!” Tails, not hearing what she said kept on spraying her and chased her around his room. “I said STOOOOOOP!!!!” The silly string can was now empty and she finally caught Tails’ attention.

“Oh…” Tails saw Sally. Her hair had a little bit of silly string on it, but what had it the most was her pink shirt, the damage was done. “…Sorry Sals.” Tails hid the can behind his back and gave her an nervous laugh.

“You… are the worst!” She pushed him on his bed and started to playfully hit him. “ Look at my shirt. Look at it! it’s all wet and sticky thanks to your silly strings! I want you to wash my shirt. ” She took off her shirt which revealed her leopard print bra. She threw the shirt at Tails’ blushing face and walked over to his dresser and took out one of Tails’ shirt and put it on. “I want that shirt back by the end of the day. See you soon, Miles.” She giggled and walked out his room and went downstairs. “Bye Mrs. Prower, sorry about scaring you.” Tails heard her as he heard the door close.

Tails continued to lay on his bed, with Sally’s shirt on his face. ’ That… that was pretty cool! Sally pranking me and my mom like that. I didn’t know she had it in her.’ Tails sat up and looked at Sally’s wet and sticky shirt. 'Sally’s a wonderful and fun girlfriend. She had us there, but. I don’t think I’m ready to be a dad yet.’ Tails got up and walked downstairs heading to the laundry room. He opened the washing machine and dropped her shirt in there. 'Good prank Sals, good prank.’

Bean kicked the front door open. “WAIT!!! I WASN’T EVEN IN THIS STORY?! APRIL FOOLS IS RIGHT UP MY ALLEY!!!!”

The End.

MTPI...HS!: I'm... pregnant...
Just a little Tails X Sally April Fools Story. Enjoy. =)
I'll let this account stay up. I might need this account in the future.

But I have moved to :iconfurrikko:

Just wanted a fresh start.

Bye! Maybe I'll use this account again in the future.
Gonna deactivate this account soon. Because for the past 4 years wasn't good. Too much drama and trolls. So now I'm getting a fresh start. Here is my new DeviantArt.

Hope to see you there!

Note: I will deactivate this account very soon so hurry!
I'll let this account stay up. I might need this account in the future.

But I have moved to :iconfurrikko:

Just wanted a fresh start.

Bye! Maybe I'll use this account again in the future.


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